Unbelievable!!! Jenn Quinn has angel hands. So relaxed and grateful. Thank you!

Stacy F.

Damian is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to. His understanding of the human body impresses me every time. I never have to share what hurts because I know he will find all the spots that need attention within minutes.

Kim R.

Damien takes massage therapy to a new level. He is the best and I love him dearly!

Theresa B.

Nothing to complain about. Damien is very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled at what he does. He is a must have for anyone who wants a quality massage.

Amy M.

Damian has been my sports therapist for five years now. His vast knowledge of the skeletal and muscular system coupled with ability to identify, isolate, and resolve issues within the allotted time is priceless. He has kept me on point by increasing my intensity and capability on the tennis court and @ Crossfit. A “must” in any health care plan!!!!

Lisa B.

Damian Rose should be a Doctor of Massage!! I canceled my chiro. appt and haven’t seen the orthopedic surgeon in 4 years because every time I am suffering from the pain that comes with being a massage therapist with neck, shoulder and back pain… he knows exactly how to make me feel 100% better!!

Kim Soto.

Damian combines professional discipline with his natural blessings of sharp intuition and considerable strength. I have worked with therapists across the globe, and Mr. Rose is as talented as they come.

Scott C.

I am a CrossFit Games Competitor. For 3 months prior to the 2013 Games, I had weekly schedule visits with Damian to help my body recover from intense training. Damian is very knowledgeable and professional. It is hard to find a great deep tissue sports massage therapist for active recovery. I have referred Damian to many people and continue to do so.”

Rob LaBar
Crossfit Owner/Athlete
I have been using massage for over 40 years and it has been a wonderful alternative to traditional methods of feeling well like medical doctors. Damian Rose has been one of the best I have had the pleasure of using the past 3 years.”

Stephen K.
Retired, Teacher

Damian Rose is the most talented Massage Therapist I’ve ever met. He’s been my Massage Therapist for several of years.

Dr. Victor S.
ER Doctor & Crossfit Owner/Athlete

I have been using Damian Rose as a massage therapist for several years now. I find him to be a true healer. I have always incorporated massage therapy into my wellness program and am very particular that the person knows what they are doing. I have several herniations in my spine from being a personal trainer for 20 years and structural issues. Damian knows exactly how to work on these issues. You can tell that he truly loves his work and is called to be a “body healer”! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an awesome massage therapist who knows his stuff.

Debbie Sherrick.
Founder & CEO, Insideout Wellnesscoach

As someone that spends 5 to 6 days a week in the gym and works an active job as a Physical Therapist, I decided I need some help with my ailments. I have seen multiple massage therapist throughout the years and I am extremely picky. I finally found Damian and have continued with only him for the last 4 years. He is always professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to musculature of the body. He listens to my complaints and treats my body based on issues that day. I have referred many of my patients through the years for continuation of treatment following physical therapy because I trust him and know he will take care of them.

Michelle M.
Physical Therapist

I have been fortunate to have Damian work with me for the last couple of years. I’m an active 62-year old female with chronic lower back, hip and IT Band pain. Overtime, with his professional attitude and great hands, Damian has applied his knowledge and deep tissue massage techniques to the taut muscle fibers in my lower back and hips. They have begun to relax making them more pliable and the pain movement restrictions that I had felt for years, have lessened.

Chronic pain is not only frustrating and debilitating, but depressing as well. It’s amazing what a difference it make to the quality of my life to feel less pain. Damian has played a major role in that!

In addition to his professional demeanor and skills, Damian is also personable, Compassionate trustworthy. Throughout our journey together, I have always heard and felt his interest in, and commitment to, helping me reach my goals to live a long active life, minimizing my pain!

Ilene K.
Damian has been working as my Massage Therapist for quite some time. He is the only person, and/or modality that helped my severe neck pain. I didn’t function too well prior to working with him, now things have improved so much. He’s caring, prompt and very professional.

Shelly J.
Retired, Mental Health Counselor